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Why are search engine reports not displayed in Cyberoam On-appliance iView?

Applicable Version: 10.00 onwards
Cyberoam provides on appliance reporting i.e. iView reporting with real-time logs and reports.

There are various reports that are available in Cyberoam, one of them is Search engine reports.

What is a search engine: A search engine is a web based tool that enables users to locate information on the World Wide Web using specific keywords.

Search Engine Reports in Cyberoam

Search Engine Reports in Cyberoam provide information on the keywords searched within the network using the Engines mentioned below. Search Engine reports show following details:

•   User name: It shows the user name who accessed the search engine.
•   IP address: It shows the source IP address from which the search engine was accessed.
   Time: It shows the time at which the search engine was accessed.
   Keywords: It shows the key words which were used in the search engine.

You can view search engine reports from Logs & Reports > View Reports > Reports > Search Engine. There you can select any search engine to view its reports.

 Given below is the list of search engines supported by Cyberoam for On-appliance reporting:

•   Google
   Yandex (Applicable Version 10.6.3 onwards)

However, if the Firewall Rule(s) from which the Search Engine destined-traffic passes has any of the following configuration, the Search Engine reports cannot be viewed:

1.    Under Security Policies, Web Filter and/or Application Filter are set as None or Deny All. To view the reports, set 
       them Allow All or any customized option.

2.    Google and Yandex reports cannot be viewed if HTTPS scanning is disabled in AV & AS Scanning as these Engines
       work on HTTPS. Enable HTTPS to view reports for search engines which works on HTTPS.

3.    Log Firewall Traffic is disabled. Enable this parameter to view search engine reports.

 Below screen shot is showing all the configurations related to viewing search engine reports.










                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Document Version: 1.0 – 25 May, 2015




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