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Delegate access of appliance(s) to particular User using CCMS


The MSSP/Partner/Administrator using the Cyberoam's on-Cloud Management System (CCMS) to manage multiple Cyberoam Appliances may want to delegate access of one or more Appliances to certain administrators only. CCMS Super Administrator can grant or revoke access of the appliances delegated to other administrators based on the requirement.


User‘’John’’should have access totheappliance‘’AB Corp’’.


Step 1: Logon to the CCMS Web Admin Console using administrator credentials.


Step 2: Go to Management Console > Account Management > Administration > Users and select the user.


Step 3: Select the appliance ‘’AB Corp’’ from the list of Accessible Appliances.




Step 4: To confirm that the user has been assigned access to selected appliance, the user should logon to CCMS using his credentials to see the delegated appliances from the Dashboard.



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