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DrillDown Icon In Clientless SSO Configuration, why do I receive DCOM error with Event Id 10009 after running CTAS service?
DrillDown Icon How do I enable User/MAC binding?
DrillDown Icon Why LAN users are not leased IP address from the DHCP server when Cyberoam is deployed as Bridge with DHCP server configured on
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DrillDown Icon Does Cyberoam Corporate client support Windows Vista?
DrillDown Icon Can I migrate Windows 2003 Active Directory Server users from Cyberoam after re-installation of Windows 2003 Active Directory Se
DrillDown Icon How do I bypass authentication for an IP address when Cyberoam is configured as Proxy server?
DrillDown Icon Can I define both Windows NT PDC and Active Directory Domain Controller as Authentication servers?
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DrillDown Icon Why I am receiving "You are not allowed to login from this machine" error when I try to activiate Clientless user?
DrillDown Icon Why Cyberoam displays “Access Denied” message even after authentication when I use Class A IP addresses for LAN?
DrillDown Icon I have implemented SSO with ADS without any error during configuration. But while login using SSO Client it gives me error
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Why Cyberoam displays “Access Denied” message even after authentication when I use Class A IP addresses for LAN?

This message is displayed when Class A IP addresses are configured for LAN as Cyberoam doesnot support Class A IP addresses. Follow the below given steps to resolve the problem:

  1. Logon to Web Admin Console
  2. Go to Firewall > Local ACL
  3. From Auth. Network: Delete the Class A IP addresses
  4. Add Class B IP addresses e.g.
  5. Logon to CLI using SSH or Telnet and restart management services from Main menu
From version 9.5.4 onwards, it is not required to restart management services after re-configuring IP address.
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