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Change the Default Password of Super Administrator

Applicable Version 10.00 onwards


Cyberoam is shipped with Two (2) default profiles:

Super Administrator
-   Default Administrator


Super Administrator


The Super Administrator has the following credentials:


Username: admin

Password: admin


The Super Administrator has all privileges and access to the Web Admin Console as well as Cyberoam CLI. It is recommended that you change password of this super administrator immediately after deployment. As this account has super admin privileges for both the consoles, please set complex password.


Default Administrator


Cyberoam is shipped with another default profile with following credentials:


Username: cyberoam

Password: cyber


This administrator has full privileges of Web Admin Console, but cannot access Cyberoam CLI. Only the Super Administrator has privileges to modify or delete the Default Administrator profile. 


This article is divided into Two (2) sections

Change factory-default Password of Super Administrator
-   Reset Password of Super Administrator

Change factory-default Password of Super Administrator

To change the factory-default Password, follow the steps given below.

Logon to Web Admin Console using Super Administrator credentials.

Go to System > Administration > Password and specify the Current Password followed by the desired New Password.


Click Apply to save the password.


Reset Password of Super Administrator 

To reset password, go to System > Administration > Password and click Reset To Default. This will reset the password to factory default password, i.e. “admin”.



The above steps allow you to change Super Administrator Password and to reset it to default.


The Default Administrator password can also be changed. To know how to change the Default Administrator password, refer to the article How to Change the Password of Default Administrator?




                                                                                                                                                                        Document Version: 2.1 – 22 February, 2014
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