Deny IM Login for Yahoo / MSN Users
Applicable Version: 10.00 onwards

To Deny IM Login for Yahoo/MSN Users

E.g.: A Contact i.e ‘john@yahoo,com’ is created to deny Yahoo IM Login.


Web and Application Filter Module Subscribed


The entire configuration is to be done from Web Admin console. Access Web Admin console with user having “Administrator” profile. 

Follow the below given steps to Deny IM Login for Yahoo/MSN users.

Step 1: Add IM Contact

IM Contact page is used to create and manage contacts. These contacts can either be Yahoo or MSN Email IDs. Any of the email id created through Yahoo or MSN are valid for creating IM Contacts.

Add Contact

Go to IM à IM Contact à IM Contact and click “Add” button to add a new IM Contact. 

Parameters Description






Protocol suggests the messenger application in use. Yahoo or MSN

IM User Name

Username provided for the IM contact. Also create IM Contact for User ‘Jack’.


Click OK and the IM Contact will be created successfully.
Step 2:  Add IM Rules

IM Rule controls user’s instant messaging access. It specifies which users have access to IM applications. Processing of IM rules starts from top and the first suitable rule found is applied.

Add Login Rule 
Go to IM --> IM Rules --> Login and click “Add” button to add a Login rule for Contact.

Parameters Description





Deny Yahoo Login

Username or IM Contact name of the participant for whom the login rule is established

User / IM contact

Select the Participants for whom the Login Rule is to be defined

Available Options:

  • IM Contact
  • IM Contact Group
  • User
  • User Group



Specify Action for Login – Allow OR Deny



Enable Logging, if the log has to be maintained for the contacts

Logging Level


Meta Data contains the information about the Login time, logout time, login action configured and name of User or Group logged in


Click OK and the IM Login Rule will be added successfully.
Step 3: Apply IM Scanning on Firewall Rule

Apply IM Scanning on Firewall Rule through which users are going out for Internet Access.

Go to Firewall à Rule and Select LAN_WAN_AnyTraffic rule to apply IM Scanning on this rule.

Click OK and the Firewall Rule will be updated successfully. 

Above configuration will deny IM Login of Yahoo for user ‘John’.

                                                                                                                                     Document Version: 1.0–31/01/2012