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Where can I find the Cyberoam Appliance Key?

Applicable Version: 10.00 onwards

The Appliance Key is a unique identity of the appliance.


The Appliance Key is required for purposes like registration of Appliances, password retrieval of Customer Account or while contacting the Cyberoam Support.

You can find the Appliance Key from:

-   Web Admin Console
-   CLI Console

Web Admin Console

Appliance Dashboard is displayed as soon as you logon to the Web Admin Console. It contains several doclets displaying information like Appliance Information, System Status, System Usage, Gateway Status, etc. The Appliance Information doclet contains details of the appliance including the Appliance Key, as shown below.


 CLI Console

Follow the steps mentioned below to check the Appliance Key of Cyberoam:

1.    Logon to the CLI Console 

2.    Choose option 4. Cyberoam Console

3.    Execute the following command to check details of the appliance including the Appliance Key:

                 cyberoam diagnostics show version-info







                                                                                                                                                      Document Version: 2.1 – 24 March, 2013


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